iBeacon Detector

  • 4999
  • Save $ 5000

The iBeacon detector will detect the iBeacon that is configured for a specific iBeacon UUID and major number, and will update the state based on the iBeacon minor number. The iBeacon device can be a keyfob on your keychain, an iBeacon lanyard, or even a small iBeacon card in your wallet. The iBeacon detector can trigger events based on proximity of nearby iBeacon devices.

The iBeacon Detector is AC powered and can detect iBeacons up to 150 ft.  The iBeacon Detector can be configured to only change state when the signal strength from the iBeacon wearable is above a certain threshold (RSSI value) so you can limit actions to taking place only within a certain range.  Requires a Bleu USB Receiver plugged in to the Indigo server.

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