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Welcome to the Button Magic, the physical button that triggers actions on the internet. The Button Magic app is the companion app that works with the Button Magic iOT Button from Proxidyne to trigger actions on your phone. Set up the app to call a webhook, turn your music on or off, show a message, or play a sound. When the Magic Button is pressed on your keychain, the actions are performed, even if the app is in the background.

You can do some amazing things with the Button Magic and services like IFTTT or Zapier:

• Turn a light on or off
• Automatically call a phone number and speak a message
• Make an entry into a Google Docs spreadsheet
• Send a text message
• Activate a WeMo Power switch
• Send a Yo.
• Send an email
• Post a message to Skype
• Start Recording on your Oco Camera
• Change your status on slack

How does it work? You set up the app to do any of these actions when the button is pressed:

• Call a Webhook
• Play/Pause Apple Music
• Play a custom sound
• Show a custom message

Then whenever you press the Button Magic, the Button Magic app initiates the action even if it is in the background.

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